For as long as I can remember, Iíve always been drawn to the outdoors. The allure of wild places has been a powerful magnet in my life. Growing up in North central Indiana, our family took many vacations to Northern Minnesota to fish and camp in the 70ís. 

Those early trips planted a seed and when the opportunity arose to move to Duluth in 1990, I didnít hesitate!

The ďArrowheadĒ of Minnesota  starts in Duluth and stretches north to the Canadian border. It then heads east to Grand Portage and back down the north shore of Lake Superior to Duluth. The area offers spectacular views of the rugged coast of Lake Superior, broad vistas across majestic valleys, unspoiled lakes and rivers with untold waterfalls. Much of this area includes the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), the Superior National Forest and the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT). A lifetime of photo opportunities await the curious soul in this special place.
The area is also blessed with an ancient and diverse geologic history. Some of that history produced the most beautifully stunning rocks you will ever see! Searching for, finding, finishing and photographing these rocks has become a challenging passion of mine. Itís hard to describe the feeling when you look down and recognize the subtle outer rind of a large Lake Superior Agate, formed more than a billion years ago!
I attended art school in the early 80ís and went on to a successful career in graphics, the print industry and digital imagery. My goal is to leverage those skills and open a window to the magnificent Lake Superior Agate for all to enjoy. The landscape photos represent a brief moment in time, captured for eternity, near the ancient shores of  Gitche Gumee.

Thanks for lookiní
Steve Haynes

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